Thursday, January 27, 2011 joy, happiness, and my bf!

My mind is always on food, well NOT always but, food makes me happy! Food helps me be creative and test my pallette as well as satisfy my tummy! ;)

Yeah, you've probably seen all my photos before, but...that doesn't mean I can't blog of what my heart sings for...

Have you ever watched "The best thing I ever ate"? OMG----Some of the best things I've eaten are as follows:

*Oysters w. ponzu sauce from Sushi Tango in MN! OMG...these are to die this day, I still drool for them...I hope that I can have some of that when I go visit!  (I don't have pics, it's been so long since I had some.)

*Softshell crab sandwich, OMG, just the thought of the huge softshell crab sandwich...Courtesy of Chef Jim Carr.

Ferenze, this sandwich is awesome too! I love the fresh Mozzerella, Proscuitto, and it's oh so yum! I love this sandwich too!

*This is my ultimate favorite food. Steamed rice rolls!  Like I can eat this all day! It's so delicious but bad for me...:(

*And of course sushi! My favorite all time roll would have to be....drum roll....the TNT roll, it's a deep fried roll filled with assorted raw fish with a spicy sauce on there...yum! Oh and Anything with Avocado! AND...The salmon and lemon sushi....OMG I had it at Sakura in's so amazing!!!! I can taste the lemon and salmon...yum!

*Absolutely can not forget PadThai my ultimate favorite. The best Pad Thai I've EVER had is at Thai Kitchen in Milwaukee, WI...I just can't explain the spices, the sweetness of the dish's quite unique.

I truly enjoy eating a variety of foods...I love Mexican food, Asian food, and Italian food. I am willing to try different foods as well. I'd have to say since working at Stoudt's I've had the pleasure of trying, elk, alligator, and amazing dishes by the awesome Chef Jim Carr.

So these are some of my favorite dishes...:) Share some with me and I'll try them out!

Do you believe in food accessories? Food accessories? Yes, food accessories are like flavors, toppings, and sauces.  I flavor a lot of my food with garlic (I love garlic!) powder and onion powder and they are cheap! .50 cents each and they contain NO Sodium! They are amazing flavors to add to pastas, stir-frys, and batters for frying. And do you ever see dishes on tv, where they had those little droplets of flavor? They are extra accessories! :)

Weird but, I often look thru restaurant menus and I loke to see what kind of food they cook up. Reading descriptions to me is important because it's like when you read them, you're thinking and picturing flavors, food combinations, and how it's going to taste! YUM! Next time if you want something "fun" to do, look at menus and read their food combinatons...;)

I also love the food network, travel channel, and anything food related. Food keeps you out of trouble and educates you on trying new things, cooking new things, and having your pallette explore things...

Sorry this blog was boring but, just blah blog about food...and a few of my favorite things...:)

Share some of your favorite foods with me...:) I'll continue again another time...

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  1. Try Koja Grille for me. I hear they have excellent bulgogi steak sandwiches.