Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just Maika....starting to blog about nothing...

Hey it's JUST Maika...

Blogging about anything and everything, random thoughts,  dreams, food, and life and just about anything...:)

My goal is to keep everyone entertained and coming back for more...hopefully... Well, what to blog today? Ahhh yes, my dream...

For some reason, I dreamt that I was back in Milwaukee, on North neices old house on 47th Street...I dreamt their house had bugs and nature all surrounding was quiet, cold, dreary, and wet...with SNOW! I was with my nieces Angelina, Emily, and thing you know I was strolling down my best friends block...sliding down the whole block with my Nike's on...weird...anyways, we were on North Avenue...and I saw hookers on the street...I truly do not know why but I did, wierd because the scene turned into a beautifully radiant summer day...I saw an old friend I met back in the day and I asked if he remembered me,he said yes, then guess what? My best friend (Mayder) & I were together about to have lunch....AND, my nieces house on 47th street turned into a restaurant by day and by night a place they called home and for some reason I saw my cousin "Kabria Lee's" name as the! Weird...must be because I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay excited about going back to Milwuakee this summer...;)

Random Saturday...'s my day, I spent $12.00 just to save .10 cents on a gallon of gas at the gas station...We go to the department store and I pass up a 22 pc Wok set which was for $6.99, yes I said $6.99...went to Walmart & another local Grocery store...came home and cleaned for 3 hours...well my kitchen...just to find that...I own 4 sets of measuring spoons and 3 sets of measuring!
 So join my random-boring life...


  1. Don't you just love how dreams are so crazy and can twist and turn like it's nothing? I enjoyed every bit of your blog. Btw, I'm glad to know you're visiting in the summer. =)

  2. btw, that's me. your aunty vee. lol.

  3. Yay! Glad to know you're following...I'll have more fun stuff to blog about! :)